First instrument - piano  1968
First Band -Ephes Dammin 1977
First Paid session - Luarel Aitkin @ goose berry studio London on drums 1980
First tv appearance -Jah foundation 1986
First foreign Tour- Jah Foundation 1983 Paris
First Regular Band Musawa and the bushmasters African Ju Ju / high-life on drums
First acetate -cut For Jah Almighty Sound in 1975 on melidica overdubbed in tin pan alley studio. cut @  LTS
First rave - V Rocket sound (London) 1972
First Song Written- 1974
My only vocal albums to date are :-

                                                Babylon is a trap  1992
                                                Almighty jah 1993
                                                Better to be good 1994
                                                Too much innocent blood 2002

                                                            Two rare dub albums
                                                Digital dimension 1989
                                                Dubtech dub  1993

                                                                non reggae
                                                 For a Reason   1982          (lifetones)    World music  /  rock 1982

If you've heard other stuff with vocals out there, the chances are they are not released.
Check the twinkle catalogue for a list of other titles which number around 86 albums
Jah guidence and blessings